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 Wanted: A "Humans: Endangered" Story Co-Writer

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PostSubject: Wanted: A "Humans: Endangered" Story Co-Writer   Thu May 08, 2008 11:29 am

Hi, this is my first co-writer thing of all time, so please, bare with me. ^_^'

I started this story a couple months ago, and never got past the Prologue.

Here's the summary of the story [The story is in 'Roleplay format' -The only story I've written to be so.]:

-Your name is Fay.

-You are a Kitsune (fox) demon who lives in current times, under the rule of Vampires.

-You live in a one bedroom apartment; your neighbor is your friend (or so you think), Shadow.

-On the first day of the new school year, you meet a human.

** [Humans are extremely rare at schools... Here's a quote from the story, explaining it]:
----"You live in Aikato, a city in the Vampire Nation. It's in current times, and there are hardly any humans left. Due to global warming, the human race is becoming endangered. You're actually starting to see humans in zoos and National Parks, so they can be preserved. There are very few who live among the non-human population. And those who do are being treated very unfairly. But this story isn't about the humans. It's about you..."

The story begins with Fay meeting the human, Deryn. You both become good friends, with Shadow making some obsticals, along with the Vampire Prince, Sairyn.

I am having problems thinking up more than this... I will post the link to the story.

Here it is: http://www.quizilla.com/stories/6857970/humans-endangered-prologue

That link also has all of the characters, there are four of them.

Please, help...? ^_^'' Razz Rolling Eyes Embarassed
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Wanted: A "Humans: Endangered" Story Co-Writer
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