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 I would like an opinion or two on some characters of mine.

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PostSubject: I would like an opinion or two on some characters of mine.   Wed May 28, 2008 8:44 am

Alright, so these charters have been around in my fan fiction for about a year or two. I'm currently re writing them, changing their personalties a bit, their species, and all that. Here's what i have for them so far. The character Kelsien is the character I usually use to represent me, just to let you know.
Just so you know:
Kelsien was originally a half demon, neko (cat) was her original demon half.
Kara was originally a half demon, her demon half was a shadow demon.
Sid was a fox cat mix breed demon, with a little bit of human somewhere in her family history.


Black skinned, tall, and stocky built. She had her black hair in one tight french braid, and her eyes were black. She looked 15 years old, and was African-american.

For now Kara is the semi-quiet leader of the three friends. Her personality is still being worked on.

Kara is infused with the sprit of a bat. Kara's hair lengthens to just below her waist, but it's not restrained and straight. She gains wings, and her ears become pointed at the top. Her eye color stays the same, though her eyes become completely black, there's no white at all. Her canine teeth also become slightly longer and sharper, so they're more like fangs.


White with freckles that covered everywhere that could be seen on her body. She had dark brown hair that was just longer than her shoulders and had a slight frizz to it, her eyes were a blue-green color that stood out form her dark colored hair and freckled face. She looked to be about 14 or 15 years old, and defiantly American.

For now Kelsien is the book worm and mother like figure of the three. Her personality is still being worked on.

Kelsien is infused with the sprit of a cat. On the night of the full moon she gains Cat ears, a cat tail, and her hands become paws. Her eyes also become like a cats and are jade green in color.

Sid (Sidney):

A shorter girl with dark carmel colored skin. She had black shoulder length hair that was back in a braid, her eyes were brown. Sidney looked to be about 13, and American.

At the moment Sid is the punk/bad girl of the three. Her personality is still being worked on.

Sidney is infused with the sprit of a fox/wolf mix breed. On the night of the full moon her hair gets longer, growing so it comes to her waist and gains a red tint, She gets fox ears and a wolf's tail. Her eyes become like a wolf's and turn gold.

Ok, so none of the sprits that the girls have in them are demon sprits, they're animal sprits. Each has enough sprit energy to be able to see it in others, and see and speak to dead people's sprits. All three are 100% human.

Kara and Kelsien attend Meiou Privet Acadmey, and Sidney attends Saryashki Jr. High. Sid is in the same class as Yusuke. Kara is in class with Kurama. Kels is the only one of importance in her class.

I'm still working on their perosnalties so they're not deminate yet, but I put what they seem to be at the moment. That is probally going to change though.

These characters are not up for grabs, I'd just like your opinion on them. I hope to figure out and add their personalites soon.


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I would like an opinion or two on some characters of mine.
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