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Writers Help Block

Calling all original story and fan fiction writers! Are you stuck on one of your works? Have you finished a story and are looking for something new to write, but can't think of anything? well this forum is a friendly place to get help with your stories as
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 Wanted: A "Darkness Into Light" Story Co-Writer!

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Wanted: A "Darkness Into Light" Story Co-Writer! Empty
PostSubject: Wanted: A "Darkness Into Light" Story Co-Writer!   Wanted: A "Darkness Into Light" Story Co-Writer! EmptyFri May 16, 2008 10:58 am

I randomly came up with an idea for another story, it goes like this.
[My thinking process is kind of...simplified, so I'll do the best I can.]
[I'll go in order of what I was thinking. XD]

Want a co-writer, have none yet
That out of the way,
Go to original stories, co-writer,
Now, what kind of story...

Angels, demons...
Plenty of stories about demons kidnapping angels, don't need more
How bout vice versa
Demons make trouble
Angels kidnap them
Demons keep making trouble
Angels forgive them, simply smile and help
Demons start wondering why angels are so forgiving
Demons' heart starts to mealt and give into angels
But how to start out...?

So, yeah.
Sorry, I kinda put everything I thought down so you could get what I was thinking
Anyway, anyone want to help?
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Wanted: A "Darkness Into Light" Story Co-Writer! Empty
PostSubject: Re: Wanted: A "Darkness Into Light" Story Co-Writer!   Wanted: A "Darkness Into Light" Story Co-Writer! EmptyTue Aug 19, 2008 9:20 pm

I'm not sure I could be a co-writer persay because I've been a little swamped but I'd be willing to help out as much as I can if you've got no better offers on the table. The story sounds pretty good to me.
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Wanted: A "Darkness Into Light" Story Co-Writer!
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