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Calling all original story and fan fiction writers! Are you stuck on one of your works? Have you finished a story and are looking for something new to write, but can't think of anything? well this forum is a friendly place to get help with your stories as
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 Wanted: A Loveless/Fruits Basket Story Co-Writer

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Wanted: A Loveless/Fruits Basket Story Co-Writer Empty
PostSubject: Wanted: A Loveless/Fruits Basket Story Co-Writer   Wanted: A Loveless/Fruits Basket Story Co-Writer EmptyThu May 08, 2008 4:35 pm

Okay, I'm normally an 'origional' story writer, this is my first fan fiction story.

I haven't written any of it yet, or even come up with a title for that matter, but I was thinking about starting a Loveless and Fruit Basket fan fic, both of the anime/mangas mixed together.

Some of the fighter units could be cursed sohmas and/or vice versa.

No, wait...

The Sohmas are fighter units in disguise, their animal forms being the ruse. Any sacrifice and fighter unit can here them talk, 'normal people' cannot.

I have no idea how it would go, who the characters would be, or anything... If someone could please be my co-writer, that'd be great...
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Wanted: A Loveless/Fruits Basket Story Co-Writer
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